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Ready to revitalise your spirit? We're bringing happy back with our life-changing retreats! Each World Yoga Trip has a unique theme (detailed in the Trip Handbook sent to confirmed participants) and is designed to kick the crap out of your negative thought patterns (aka "fear"). Our retreats truly show you how to make love a way of life through daily movement, meditation, affirmations, connection & creative "right brain" activities. By accessing this state of "flow," you'll reconnect with your intuition and activate untapped inspiration...within the sacred space of a community of like-minded people. More than anything, friendships are what makes our international yoga retreats so unforgettable. It takes courage to travel to a foreign country,  especially by yourself - but any feeling of alone-ness ends the moment you arrive and begin forming relationships that transcend stereotypes and last a lifetime.


At the start of the week, WYT staff help participants get to know each other and to build camraderie by organizing teams. The teams earn points by competing in friendly events and working together to complete various tasks throughout the week (photo safaris, scavenger hunts, art projects, etc.).

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