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Limited-Time Coupon:

$200 OFF Tuition!


Thanks for Your Interest in American Yoga Retreats!

A unique yoga retreat experience - make new friends, travel to cool places & have a BLAST with AYR...all levels welcome!

"I  arrived with a break in mind, a chance to cut loose and ponder some of life's challenges. I returned recharged and clearer after being carried by the warmth of the AYR team. The immersion into yoga and meditation provided a one stop shop for healing. All of this while being rocked in the song of the ocean nearby. A breath-taking location bathed in friendship that also puts nourishing, healthy food on the table - what more does your soul need?"

         ~ G. Tourelle

            Niagra Falls, Canada




"A retreat that is as flexible as the staff - awesome! I really feel like it will have a big impact on me when I return home."

         ~ J. Beck

            New York, NY




"On the first day of my retreat I was apprehensive as to who I would meet, what I would eat, where I would sleep and how many yoga sessions I would participate in. It did not take long before my anxiety turned to a peaceful calm and to be honest, a feeling as if I had found home. I can honestly say that I met the most amazing, inspiring and genuine mix of ecectic people, ate like an organic vegetarian queen, slept the most restful nights sleep and took great joy in participating in each and every one of the 3 yoga practices per day, for the week of my retreat. You have blessed me with an experience that I will sincerely cherish forever and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there at a time when I needed you the most. See you again soon!"

         ~ K. Lucas

            Boston, MA

Hey Yogis (& fun seekers!)

Ready to revitalize your spirit and bring happy back with a life-changing retreat? Why not spend a week or two (or more!) doing yoga, making new friends & having a BLAST with American Yoga Retreats - the best in yoga, fitness, travel & fun - guaranteed!?


We create yoga inspired trips & retreats around the United States and world. We work with incredible teachers; we travel to magical places; we seek authentic adventures; we give back to the community; we explore ourselves and the places we visit deeply. Whether you're an advanced or beginner yogi/yogini, a seasoned adventurer or just a nature lover (or simply a traveler looking to move with purpose), we have a retreat for you.


We create spaces for people to fall in love. To fall in love with nature, with yoga, with people, with movement, with breath, with each other...and more than anything, we want people to fall in love with themselves, over and over again. In addition to daily power and restorative yoga classes, styles may include vinyasa, hatha, yin, yoga nidra or "peace out" for total relaxation. Participants take 3 - 4 yoga classes per day (classes can be 60, 75 or 90 min each). All meals and freshly pressed juices are included in the weekly fee,, and will leave our retreats with tools to continue rebuilding and nourishing your system from the inside out.


And there's a lot more than yoga happening at American Yoga Retreats! We also offer complimentary activities ranging from relaxing movie nights, adventurous treks, creative arts & crafts challenges, inspiring discussions about everything LOVE, and classes in meditation, nutrition and healthy cooking. As if all of that isn't time choices may include taking an elective dance/yoga/surf class, swimming, shopping in the Canteen (apparel, accessories, sourvenirs, health food, books, etc)...or just relaxing in your room. All of our complimentary daily activities are included in the tuition cost, giving you plenty of ways to connect, unwind and express yourself during retreat. And at American Yoga Retreats, you can enjoy awesome activities & offsite adventures like horseback riding, stand-up paddle boarding, hikes, treks, kayaking, white water rafting, relaxing spa treatments & more.


We invite you to come practice making love a way of life with daily yoga, meditation, connection & creative "right brain" activities. By accessing this state of "flow," you'll reconnect with your intuition and activate untapped inspiration...within the sacred space of a community of like-minded people. But more than anything, new friends are what make  American Yoga Retreats priceless.

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