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World Yoga Trips creates yoga inspired adventures around the world. We work with incredible teachers; we travel to magical places; we seek authentic adventures; we give back to the community; we explore ourselves and the cultures we visit deeply. Whether you're an advanced or beginner yogi/yogini, a seasoned adventureer or just a nature lover (or simply a traveler looking to move with purpose), we have the perfect international yoga retreat for you.


We create spaces for people to fall in love. To fall in love with nature, with yoga, with people, with movement, with breath, with each other...and more than anything, we want people to fall in love with themselves, over and over again. 




World Yoga Trips ("WYT") is a unique organization committed to moving the world by combining the peace of yoga and comfort of belonging with the thrill of adventure & travel. Immersion learning plays a central role in each of our trips, creating the perfect environment for growth and opportunity to connect with the destination you are visiting. Each World Yoga Trip becomes its own unique movement, like choreography in a dance; we provide the steps (the amazing location, the yoga classes, the philosophy), but the group of people attending each retreat are the "dancers" that make our choreography come alive. It is our mission to inspire growth, cultivate peace and spread love through our retreats.




The humbling quality that yoga instills in us helps guide us through the world with an open mind. We believe that this open mind is the key to filling life with happiness and sharing that happiness with those that fill the world around us, merging oneself with others. The combination of the wealth of experience and an ever-growing awareness of the self in both yoga and travel makes for a potent experience in which the yoga and travel feed off each other and often inspire transformation.




One might ask, why travel if we have everything we need to be whole where we are and within ourselves? We say, sometimes you need cold water on the face; something to shake you up and a surrounding that can illuminate what you discover. Travel is our splash of life and can inspire you to see the things that you can be so blind to in every day life.


We have no single formula. Every one of our trips is a unique exlosion of life created by our incredible teachers and destinations that speak for themselves. We don't just bring you somewhere to do yoga, we integrate the movement that brings you there, we interact with the culture that defines where we are and we embrace the nature that so humbly embraces us. Traditional group travel really isn't our thing and neither is the typical retreat. We want you to feel the freedom of life that travel invites. We'll set the stage, we'll keep you safe and we'll teach you as much as we can. But the journey is yours.


A key factor in establishing an environment in which to grow is confronting the uncomfortable. With the challenging adventures we will face, the questions we will be asked and the adventurous manner in which we will explore, the uncomfortable will be addressed. And when the uncomfortable becomes manageable, when the uncomfortable becomes a friend, true growth can occur.


Giving Back


We're here to made a difference. That's why social change is baked into our business model. Each for profit yoga trip is tied to a non-profit initiative. When you invest in your success through our life-changing yoga trips, you're not only helping yourself, but you're also helping support people (especially women & girls) in the communities that have helped us to learn and grow. This not only has a high impact on many people's lives and on the general condition of the world, but grounds our own learning and growth with respect and perpective as we embark on our journey together.


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