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Q: When can I sign up for a trip?


A: You may sign up for a yoga trip at any time after the dates/rates are confirmed and the online registration link is active. Many of our yoga retreats start filling up months out, so early enrollment is always advised.



Q: How much do trips cost?


A: We offer discounted rates for early-bird registration, multiple weeks and participants attending from the same family (couples, siblings or mother-daughter pairs). We also offer discounts for alumni and for referring friends. Please visit our "Special Offers" page for more details.



Q: Do you offer any scholarships?


A: We do have partial-scholarship opportunities available. Scholarships are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please note that all World Yoga Trip participants are invited to fundraise to help offset their international yoga retreat cost.



Q: I am very experienced, will the classes be challenging enough?


A: Definitely. World Yoga Trips staff members are accomplished yogis/yoginis and teachers that many retreat participants would never have the privilege to work with at their home studios. Any experienced practitioner is lucky to spend a week learning from teachers of this caliber!



Q: I have no experience, will I be the only one?


A: No! We have many participants who attend World Yoga Trips for the experience of seeing another country in a different way while staying active & mindful. This way participants can assess if yoga is something they'd like to pursue back home (we think yes)!



Q: How are the classes organized and what will I learn?


A: Classes are organized by level (you choose your level). Our teachers are world class so we hope you will take advantage of the chance to learn as much as possible from them. Our instructors teach beginner to extremely high levels. If you want to learn or improve a particular pose, they can show you how.



Q: Where can I buy the yoga apparel I need for the retreat?


A: As far as apparel, you will need fitted tank tops and yoga shorts/pants. Please see the Packing List in the "World Yogi Handbook" (distributed to confirmed participants 2 months before your retreat).



Q: I'm coming alone. Do many people come alone?


A: Yes! Our retreats are the best place to make friends with people who have similar interests. Many participants come on World Yoga Trips by themselves and leave with dozens of new, great friends.



Q: Is there a curfew?


A: Participants may decide their curfew. That said, our retreats promote health and wellness, so we recommend limiting (or refraining) from alcohol consumption. And a good-night's sleep is a must!



Q: How will I get to the retreat?


A: Participants must book and pay for their own travel to our retreats. World Yoga Trips partners with professional shuttle services at each of our locations. You may find this information in the Trip Handbook distributed to confirmed participants. If you are traveling alone, please call the recommended shuttle service no sooner than one week before your retreat to see if sharing a shuttle with another participant will be possible. Sharing a shuttle is a great way to meet other women and save money! You will need to let us know of your transportation arrangements, as well as submit other forms and waivers, two weeks before your retreat.



Q: I'm a vegetarian. How do you handle this?


A: Each of our meals includes a selection of food suitable for vegetarians. In fact, many of our meals are 100% vegetarian. Please email two weeks prior to arriving at your retreat so we can ensure you receive balanced nutritional choices at every meal.



Q: I have medical dietary restrictions. How is this handled?


A: If you have medical dietary restrictions or food allergies, please email with your requirements at least two weeks prior to arriving at your retreat. Someone will contact you directly to discuss your needs in detail. Please know we are experienced in handling many special dietary situation, and we look forward to working with you to ensure a healthy and safe retreat experience.



If you were unable to find the answer you were looking for, please call our office at 866-383-2382 or email us at

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