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World Yoga Trips' home base at Squaw Valley USA is the Squaw Valley Academy (SVA), a boarding school just one mile from the resort base area packed with shops, restaurants, activities and fun...and the views simply take your breath away.

"The trip of a lifetime! Exceptional yoga, beautiful tropical beaches and I even learned to surf. I had always wanted to travel to Costa Rica and with American Yoga Retreats' reputation I knew that I'd be in good hands. It was more than I could have imagined. Thank You!"

         ~ A. McGarr

            Warner, NH




"One of my best vacations ever. Met great people, challenged myself every day and was pleased at what I accomplished. The yoga instructors were outstanding. I can't wait to apply the things I learned from them into my practice at home. I feel rested, recharged and inspired!"

         ~ P. Chin

            Columbus, OH






More About Squaw Valley Academy Accommodations

At SVA (click for tour), World Yoga Trip campers and staff live together in three-story double-occupancy log cabin-esque dorms with shared bathrooms. It's just us in our living space...we have exclusive access to the entire dorm, providing a welcome, comfortable, QUIET escape from the bustle of the Village (especially during the Wanderlust Festival!). Hallway blocks are organized so that yogis of similar ages (and the same gender!). Amenities include community lounges (for watching TV, doing arts & crafts and hanging out), laundry facilities, and a Yoga Canteen for basic supplies, snacks, apparel & souvenirs. The Squaw Valley Academy also provides an awesome cafeteria with healthy, often organic meals and snacks.



Check Out This Video!

This video features the Squaw Valley Academy - our dorm accommodation option - and the home of our sister dance camp, American Dance Training Camps.

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